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HELLO 2015!

I cannot believe a whole week of 2015 has passed by already, but as you all should know, the 8th day of January marks a very special day. No it’s not totally-acceptable-to-give-up-on-diet day (that was the 2nd, right?) And no, it’s not F&P’s first book review day – I know you’re all very excited for this (and so you should be – we have Part 2 of Franny’s cookery books feature coming up and reviews of HOLD THE DARK and A PLACE CALLED WINTER). No no, it’s incredibly special as we celebrate…

PERKS’ 25th BIRTHDAY!525b4fb2d01d2bdba4d80b11ccfe077a

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The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton

“A woman fallen has no future; a man risen has no past.”

― Eleanor Catton, The Luminaries

73.Eleanor Catton-The Luminaries

When we decided to start the blog, it seemed to me that a great opening gambit would be to complete the Booker Challenge and review those six esteemed titles of 2013. I thought, what better way to alert the world to the timely, informed entry of Franny & Perks to the book blogosphere than to complete something most literary fiction readers did last September.

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