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Harvest – Jim Crace


Harvest is an insular novel in many ways. I have never read something of the like before, though the general consensus seems to be that Crace’s work often covers similar ground – loss of a way of life, a transition from one age into another. This is one such novel. It centres around one village, unnamed and unmapped at any point in the story. We assume it to be somewhere in rural England around the 17th Century but the time period is also negligible. The narrative revolves around the enforced change of England’s agrarian fields to those used for livestock farming, here signalled by the arrival of the rightful lord of their manor house, Master Jordan. Our protagonist is Walter Thirsk, a man both within and without; he speaks with the collective ‘we’ and ‘us’ when we first encounter him, but it soon becomes clear that twelve years amongst these villagers is not enough to stop him being an outsider to them – an ‘other’.

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