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Friday 9th May 2014. A very important day.

A day that not only celebrated the 69th year of freedom for Guernsey – Liberation Day – but also the OFFICIAL launch of this very blog, Franny & Perks.

When we first discussed our blog, we knew we had to start things with a bang and how better to fulfil this target than with a full blown party? Combining Franny’s island celebrations with our own, the date was set – we had a deadline for our first posts. The plan was in motion.

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Burial Rites – Hannah Kent


This has been my favourite book of 2014, so if you haven’t read it, do. You can thank me later.

There has been a boom in debut talent this year, and in my opinion, Hannah Kent is the pick of the bunch. Her novel, Burial Rites, is an outstanding piece of historical literary fiction, which traces the life of Agnes Magnusdottir, an Icelandic woman condemned to death for murdering her lover, Natan Ketilsson.

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Stoner – John Williams


Stoner - John Williams
Stoner – John Williams

When I finally purchased this book, I felt like the person arriving late to the party, or rather, missing the party completely. But then again, so had this book. Published in 1965, Stoner, much like its eponymous protagonist, seemed to go unnoticed until last year, when it suddenly took the world by storm.It was difficult not to read Stoner with high expectations considering the wealth of glorious reviews. Nevertheless, John Williams managed to write a story where the ordinary somehow became captivating, and I devoured it in one 3hr train journey.

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Welcome to Franny & Perks!

There must have been an element of destiny to the day when Franny met Perks. With the former as part of the interviewing team, and the latter as interviewee, to all appearances, it would seem that we were going to be colleagues for only a month in the independent publishing firm, Oldcastle Books. But with Perks’ extended contract, time proved that we had plenty in common – from all things bookish, to attending author events as overenthusiastic fans; from looking for new things to do in London, to eating all the good food we could lay our hands on – here was a friendship that surpassed working cordialities.

I don’t think either of us can remember the first time the blog idea was posed. Our jobs include lots of contact with bloggers and we are both keen reviewers/wannabe editors so I think the familiarity and experience all mixed together with a bit of enthusiasm and spark led to the grand idea of LET’S BLOG TOGETHER. Sharing the responsibility definitely seemed like a great idea, and the more we’ve discussed it, we’ve gradually become more and more excited.

Seeing as we didn’t want to focus solely on book reviews, we didn’t want a ‘booky’ title, so after much deliberation and testing on friends, family and strangers, we decided on Franny & Perks. There’ll be books, baking, publishing experiences, fun events and so much more – we hope you enjoy the Franny & Perks blog experience!