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ENO Marriage of Figaro

I’ve never been one for opera. With the options of theatre, dance or live music often on the table in London, opera always settled at the bottom of the list. But when Rémi returned from the English National Opera’s Madame Butterfly full of praises, I knew I had to give it a shot. At university, many of my friends participated in the opera societies and I was always astounded by the maturity of their voices at such a young age, so to enjoy opera from the professionals was a completely new experience and one that I would highly recommend if you have not yet tested those choral waters.8197

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An Evening with the BeerBods

And now for something completely different. For this review, I am stepping out of character, and straight out of my comfort zone – this is because Thursday evening whipped me up and plonked me firmly down in the universe of BEER. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in wine, but I am certainly an affiliate of the school. Luckily, this was an evening designed to prove to people like me that beer could be as ‘diverse and exciting’ as wine can. I had no complaints about trying to be persuaded of this on a Thursday evening, especially in the beautiful location of The Shed in Notting Hill. Continue reading An Evening with the BeerBods

Museum of London Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the press view of the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London – the largest UK exhibition on Sherlock Holmes in over 60 years! It opens to the public tomorrow and I cannot recommend it enough. I have loved Sherlock Holmes as a reader, a student and an avid BBC Sherlock fan, but even if you’re not quite the obsessive that I am, it is still a fabulous collection which is both fascinating and enjoyable. Here’s what I wrote about it for Book2Book. sherlock homes exhibitionThis autumn, the Museum of London opens its doors to celebrate the world of the greatest fictional detective of all time with its Sherlock Holmes exhibition. The collection is, as of today, open to the public until 12 April 2015 and contains a variety of rare treasures in its diverse trove. Continue reading Museum of London Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

Duck & Waffle reviewed: Dinner with a View

Duck & Waffle Restaurant Interior
Restaurant Interior: Courtesy of D&W website

I first heard about Duck & Waffle from a friend who has excellent taste in London dining (thank you, Rachel!), and when I looked up their website, I thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion that was coming up in my calendar. Now, let’s be clear about this, if you want to get a table high in the sky, you need to book in advance, and I’m not talking a week or two. These tables are in high demand. As one of the few 24-hour London restaurants, I couldn’t resist trying the midnight dining experience, but even a table for two at this ungodly hour required booking over a month in advance. But by golly miss molly, it was worth it. Continue reading Duck & Waffle reviewed: Dinner with a View

Kitten Watch with Franny

I have recently diagnosed myself with heliophilia (n.) desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight. I have managed to keep it in check recently with a trip to Guernsey and have just returned from a glorious week in Lisbon. However, flying home to the real world has resulted in some serious side effects: gloominess; lethargy; frequent reminiscent sighs – I’m sure you’re familiar with these post-holiday symptoms.

Franny aka The Sun Seeker
Franny aka The Sun Seeker

But all was not lost. As an incredibly fortunate lodger living with one of the kindest ladies I’ve ever met, life just took a sweeter turn with the arrival of Tilly the kitten, the latest addition to the Harpenden community.

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Franny hits #FESTIFEEL 2014 with Coppafeel!

Festival season is truly upon us and with crowds flocking to Glastonbury – hopefully armed with waterproofs and wellies to battle the rain (not to rub in that we enjoyed glorious sunshine there last year…) – I thought it time to reflect on the wonderful Saturday that I had last weekend at the lesser-known, but tremendously important, FESTIFEEL.


For those of you who are not familiar with this fantastic event, let me give you some background. It is run by the amazing Coppafeel! charity which was founded by Kris Hallenga in 2009 following a late diagnosis of breast cancer at 23. Its aim is to get young people checking their boobs regularly – a healthy habit which could save their lives. Kris’ story was recently broadcast on BBC3 – you can watch Kris: Dying to Live here to find out more. Continue reading Franny hits #FESTIFEEL 2014 with Coppafeel!

ELLE Book Club – Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth

I <3 @emjaneunsworth
I ❤ @emjaneunsworth

‘You don’t want to read it, Frank’ said Emma’s mum to Emma’s dad who had passed by the proofs of Animals and expressed an interest in reading it – this has to be the best ‘review’ of Emma Jane Unsworth’s latest book – a tale that explores female friendship in all its gloriously wild extremes, and one which formed the subject of the inaugural ELLE Book Club last night. Continue reading ELLE Book Club – Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth