HELLO 2015!

I cannot believe a whole week of 2015 has passed by already, but as you all should know, the 8th day of January marks a very special day. No it’s not totally-acceptable-to-give-up-on-diet day (that was the 2nd, right?) And no, it’s not F&P’s first book review day – I know you’re all very excited for this (and so you should be – we have Part 2 of Franny’s cookery books feature coming up and reviews of HOLD THE DARK and A PLACE CALLED WINTER). No no, it’s incredibly special as we celebrate…

PERKS’ 25th BIRTHDAY!525b4fb2d01d2bdba4d80b11ccfe077a

I know, I can’t believe it either. We all thought she was just a spring chicken, didn’t we? She had us all fooled. This young lady is fast becoming a wise woman and I am so excited to celebrate this big day with her at the weekend – we’re talking tapas, drink and plenty of laughing (for those of you who don’t know, Perks has a great laugh).

I’m not going to make this too long otherwise it’ll just get emotional and cringe-y (is that even a word?) but I had to post a few words about my blogging partner, ex-colleague and, frankly, my ace friend. As you’ll know from our About Us page, the day of destiny where Franny met Perks was in an interview at Oldcastle Books. Obviously, I grilled Perks to assess whether she would make a good intern (I take intern quality super seriously), but what I did not know was that soon, Perks was to become my laughing buddy as we constantly tried to make each other corpse during the working day and would bond over the highlights of the literary year. Soon, our fate was laid out ahead of us as we launched this very blog. Yup, we’ve been going since May guys. It’s gone SO fast.MjAxMi1hNzAxYmFiOGRmNjQ0NWJj

Since then, Perks only went and bloody left for Tinder Press. We were all so happy for her as she bounded back into the office delivering the unusually high-pitched news ‘I GOT IT!’ Goodbyes left me bereft of an amazing colleague and it’s been tough to find an intern as fun and talented as Amy (when she reads this she’ll be choking up with an ‘oh, babe’ – well this is what I imagine…) but thankfully, we’ve remained fantastic friends and kept Franny & Perks going strong. She’s produced some amazing reviews and features – highlights being Meeting a Luminary (aka Eleanor Catton) and A Note on the Lemon Grove which hilariously led to many people searching our blog for ‘lemon grove ending’ – guys, just read the book!

What a lovely lady
Oh, the memories.

I hope you may take the time to look through some of Perks’ words and agree with me that she is a spirited writer with a real passion for quality literature. This girl is amazing and I’m delighted not only to be her blogging partner but also her friend.

Three cheers for Perks!

Happy Birthday!

– Franny

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