We <3 Out of Print

Good morning, book people!

You may have already heard of them, but if not, you’re welcome. Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to a wonderful US company who share our bookish ways. We stumbled upon them one day during those wistful hours of procrastination and haven’t looked back.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 08.58.11

Out of Print Clothing has combined necessity (the threads on our backs) with a celebration of the world’s favourite classic stories. Sounds good, right? Oh yes. They have a whole range of t-shirts and jumpers which are absolutely PERFECT for book lovers worldwide. Franny got pretty excited about these alone, but then she went on to explore the accessories pages and that giddiness matured into audible squeals at the sight of literary-inspired jewellery, bags, notebooks, phone cases, coasters – you name it. 


So, we’ve set the scene. The atmosphere was buzzing. We wanted to learn more about this company. The word ‘MISSION‘ adorns the top of the Out of Print webpage. Something told us that there was more to this company than quirky clothing and goodies, and by golly our instincts did not deceive us. Aside from encouraging people to read (a worthy cause alone) this brilliant team are tackling an issue that would strike horror in the heart of any literary soul.

It comes as no surprise that there are several places in the world in which people simply do not have access to books. Naturally, in these deprived countries, priority remains with the bare necessities: water, food, clothing and shelter. But what about transforming the minds of these people? Books stimulate thoughts, they transport us to worlds far beyond our familiar surroundings and they make us challenge our current lifestyles. Books should not be a privilege, they should be available for all and this is why for every purchase made at Out of Print, their partner, Books For Africa, will donate a book for a community in need.


We love Out of Print products and the hearts and minds behind them so we have chosen our top five literary gifts for 2014. We love them and will certainly be back soon – birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas gifts are all sorted!


1. The Hound of the Baskervilles phone case

SONY DSCSuch a wonderful blue with an unusual canvas back – the case splits into two parts so it fits snugly around your iPhone. I’ve been using it and after a few drops and bumps, it’s still going strong and the phone isn’t damaged! Received lots of compliments. Love it.

2. Library card tote bagSONY DSC

I love this vibrant and quirky bag! Never going to lose it and as of yet I haven’t seen anyone else carrying it around London – always a bonus. Really deep so it can fit a lot inside and has a useful smaller pocket for phone/keys/small purse.

3. Hungry Caterpillar pencil case/makeup bag


This was a favourite for Perks. How can you go wrong with this little guy? I’m not in need of a pencil case but as a useful sleeve for bits and pieces I absolutely love it!

4. Banned (match) books


These are ingenious! A collection of 5 match boxes with different book designs – all of which had been banned with the reason printed on the underside. I don’t really want to use them as they’re so brilliant so they’re currently adorning my shelf.

5. Great Gatsby fleece jumper


This is the cosiest jumper I own AND it has The Great Gatsby cover on it. Need I say more? You can get so many different covers but this book will always have a special place in my heart so it had to be the one.

Cheerily walking round as the proud owner of these items this summer and drawing plenty of admiring comments for them. Thank you so much Out of Print! Keep up the good work.

If you’re now desperate to get your hands on these and check out the full range – head to the website!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all.

– Franny



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