Kitten Watch with Franny

I have recently diagnosed myself with heliophilia (n.) desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight. I have managed to keep it in check recently with a trip to Guernsey and have just returned from a glorious week in Lisbon. However, flying home to the real world has resulted in some serious side effects: gloominess; lethargy; frequent reminiscent sighs – I’m sure you’re familiar with these post-holiday symptoms.

Franny aka The Sun Seeker
Franny aka The Sun Seeker

But all was not lost. As an incredibly fortunate lodger living with one of the kindest ladies I’ve ever met, life just took a sweeter turn with the arrival of Tilly the kitten, the latest addition to the Harpenden community.


This adorable four-legged feline was rescued from the Blue Cross Animal Charity in Kimpton. One of a litter of five, she stood out to Trish (I personally would have taken all five of them…) and after a series of visits, today we finally had her in our hands taking her home.


We have been very cautious in introducing her to Daisy, the current feline occupant, and until now, sole recipient of our attention. Let’s just say, first impressions didn’t go too smoothly. Despite Tilly’s eagerness to become part of the family, demonstrated by her paw against the carry box door, Daisy was not so keen. After some initial hisses and swipes, Daisy was swiftly removed from Tilly’s immediate presence – this is a working progress. I’m sure she’ll come round to it. Until then, Tilly is to stay upstairs in her pen (ex-dog cage…!) and we will continue to dote on Daisy to ensure she knows she’s loved.

Unimpressed Daisy.

However, let’s just say Daisy isn’t the only one who craves attention. Tilly is an extremely friendly kitten. She loves being held, having her tummy tickled and even responds to photographs. But she does not take kindly to anyone leaving the room in which she resides. As I was preparing dinner this evening, a series of (incredibly cute) miaows reached my ears. I embarked on the not-so-easy task of cooking and intermittently running up the stairs to check on Tilly – I guess it was a start on the post-holiday-food-fest detox.


Anyway, once I had returned to cooking, I realised the the miaows had stopped. This struck me as unusual. To my knowledge, no factors had changed to Tilly’s current predicament. How wrong I was. 

She had ESCAPED.


Somehow, this mischievous little one had broken free from her confines and was making her way down the stairs just as I had begun to ascend them. Swiftly taking her into my arms, I hunted high and low for the travel box in which we had originally transported her and it is there where she currently resides whilst I await the return of Trish, with whom I shall tackle the mystery of the escaping kitten from a locked cage.


Watch this space. Kitten Watch will continue.

Over and out.





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