Chocolate & Hazelnut Gluten-Free Celebration Cake

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When I was invited to a dinner party this week, I was delighted when I was allocated dessert duty. As I’m sure you’re all aware, anything sweet definitely tickles my fancy. However, there was an important clause. The dessert had to be gluten-free

Now I have gluten-free friends and I can safely say that gluten-free people have it hard. Denied the luxurious delights of easy cakey goodness, these people have had to battle against supermarkets for gluten-free  friendly shelf space. Although this space has increased in recent years, there’s no doubt that times are still tough and when I went to my local shop up the road, I was shocked at the lack of ingredients required for my various recipes.

So, gluten-free peeps. I salute you. And I hope that you may find consolation that there is plenty of hope for new recipes out there. I can highly recommend this chocolate & hazelnut cake. Forget gluten-free flour – you don’t need any! Xanthan gum? Nope. You just need a load of sugar, hazelnuts, eggs & cream. TA DA.

The recipe is taken from BBC Good Food and you can find it here.

But I do have one tip.

You see those glorious amber spikes sitting atop the chocolatey base? Well, they’re tricky. But completely worthwhile – the admiring ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ are great.

You can make them the day before so you’re not stressing on the day but DO NOT cover them with cling film. They stick. They break. You cry. I’ve been there.

Best suggestion? Put them on greaseproof paper on a tray and leave them in the fridge – that way you’ll get a set of beautiful long spikes – not an assorted range like mine.

The cake is super easy – everything blended together then mixed with melted chocolate and egg yolks. And, let me tell you. It was DELICIOUS. The chocolate was wonderfully rich and the hazelnut flavour really came through. Out of the three cakes I made – this was definitely the best received.

So, whether you’re gluten-free or not, give this a go! It’s a crowd-pleaser and a tummy-teaser. It’ll be hard not to go back for more…

If you try – let me know how it goes!

– Franny

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