Friday 9th May 2014. A very important day.

A day that not only celebrated the 69th year of freedom for Guernsey – Liberation Day – but also the OFFICIAL launch of this very blog, Franny & Perks.

When we first discussed our blog, we knew we had to start things with a bang and how better to fulfil this target than with a full blown party? Combining Franny’s island celebrations with our own, the date was set – we had a deadline for our first posts. The plan was in motion.


We pride ourselves on party planning. We like good food (hence Franny’s Kitchen), we wanted to fill the house, and decorations were key. With Franny as host, the house was decked with Guernsey flags in all forms – bunting, playing cards and of course, the huge flag featured above. But this wasn’t enough, handmade bunting was definitely in order. So, with a helping hand from Trish (the lady who has so kindly had Franny lodging with her), late nights, and some minor distractions from Daisy – the oh-so-playful cat pictured below – the room was ready.

The face of innocence.
The face of innocence.

Launch day dawned and excitement was at its peak. Friends and family hailed from as far as Brighton and Hampshire to our home in Harpenden. Everything had come together – we received our FIRST review copy (Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel  thanks to Sam Eades {@SamEades}), our vibrant business cards arrived, and we even received a wonderful congratulations card from the lovely Mads Toy (@madstoy). We were ready.

IMG_2982 IMG_2984

After dashing away from the office, it was time to finish the spread. Perks made two delicious marinated chicken dishes along with a rather tasty bulgar wheat salad, whilst Franny contributed a traditional Guernsey Bean Jar along with an Ottolenghi inspired rhubarb & amaretto trifle. Combined with a load of fine drink, a cheeseboard, green salads, nibbles and even some gluten-free goodies from the fantastic Fran Roberts (@CatwomanFran) – it was clear that our guests were not going hungry. (Don’t worry, we’ll be getting these recipes onto Franny’s Kitchen soon!)

The mighty spread.

We don’t want to make you too jealous, but we had a great night. Drink flowed, bellies were filled and we even squeezed in a quick speech. Franny & Perks was official. The challenge was on. We even set ourselves a somewhat ambitious target by displaying our May review titles – though as Franny later mentioned… there are enough here to keep June busy too!

May (possibly June) review titles

All in all, we think the night was a great success, and we are so excited to get the blog full of reviews, recipes and more.

Happy Bloggers.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came and to all friends who have shown support through Twitter, Facebook, texts, and even in person. We aspire to give you the best blog we can and by golly we will try.

So here we are.

Franny & Perks is official.

Here’s to the future.

Bring it on.

Our lovely supporters!

– Franny & Perks

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