Welcome to Franny’s kitchen!

When we first discussed the blog, naturally our attention went to all things bookish: reviews, events, career paths and so on. But there has been an ever-growing love in my life, admittedly one that was fed by the wonderful Great British Bake Off. Yes, I was that person yelling at the screen once Mel & Sue announced 5 minutes to go, I was a furious debater caught up in the intense Ruby debacle of 2013, and it was I who finished the series feeling rather proud of the shared namesake with the winner, Frances.

GBBO 2013 was screened as I started my current job, so my new colleagues were treated on a weekly basis to my latest creations/attempts, and ever since I’ve grown bolder and more adventurous in my culinary tastes. Believe me, there have been low points – forgetting to put flour in the mix, reading the recipe in grams instead of ounces – but it happens to everyone, and as embarrassing as it is at the time, nobody gets hurt (provided nobody’s poisoned or lost a tooth to those all too literal rock cakes…)

On this part of the blog, I wish to invite you into my kitchen, share my favourite bakes and dishes and hopefully inspire the budding chef in you. If you try any of the recipes, share your experiences with us! Likewise, if you have any recommendations or suggestions, I’d be more than happy to receive them.

Now, dig out those scales and top up the supplies – it’s time to bake!



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